You might not be the primary individual to speak to the site owner with an offer to purchase their site, but in the ideal price that you’ve got a fantastic probability of cutting out a deal.

Even still, this technique can be time consuming and a bit hit and miss, so you may prefer another process of locating sites available. Finding Websites to Purchase Directly This proactive strategy to site purchasing can be advantageous since it allows you to stay 1 step ahead of your site-buying contest. Websites listed available in online marketplaces can create dozens of buyers and so drive up the cost. You would then examine the search results searching for possible sites which you’d love to get and enhance your site portfolio.

Looking through the website or searching for the domain Whois information should help you discover the site owner so that you can get in touch with them and create an offer.


Employing a web site trading market to find sites available can help you filter out the sound you must deal with when attempting to locate sites with possible. Most site marketplaces request that sellers pay to list their own websites while additionally supply some simple earnings and traffic numbers.


This will let you better asses the chance before you begin performing your due diligence. So you would like to begin investing in sites, either with the intention of purchasing them, doing up and re-selling them as a long-term investment because of their continuing revenue. How can you go about locating sites for sale? There are two chief approaches to locating sites available: contact a web site owner directly or hunting online site marketplaces. online business for sale

Here I describe the pros and cons of both site purchasing methods: Let us say you have a web site about or at least a private interest in green energy. You may begin by performing an internet search for subcategories in this niche. Do not get me wrong however, due diligence is at least as important when looking for sites for sale from the marketplace as it’s when locating sites to purchase straight.

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